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Golf Equipment for Ladies

To enjoy the game, female golfers need the very same pieces of equipment that are used by men, ranging from golf shoes to golf clothes and bags to various accessories and of course, golf clubs. These are probably the most important piece of golf equipment and have a direct influence on your game. Golf clubs should therefore be chosen very carefully.

Women’s Golf Clubs and the Myth About Weaker Swing

Women’s golf clubs are typically lighter and shorter than men’s which is due to the alleged weaker strike and lower height of female golfers. However, many female golfers complain that women’s golf clubs are too short, while professional golfers have proven that female strike isn’t necessary any weaker than that of their male counterparts. In fact, many members of the LPGA Tour and the LET achieve swing speed comparable to that of professional male golfers. In addition, after the introduction of new and lighter materials, there isn’t any substantial difference between men’s and women’s clubs in regard to weight.

Choosing the Right Ladies’ Golf Clubs

Length of the clubs is the very first thing you should pay attention to when choosing golf clubs. Consider your height and keep in mind that an average-height woman can successfully handle a club of men’s length. If you are taller than average, then most ladies’ golf clubs will probably be too short for you. The clubs should of course also suit your swing style, speed and strength. If you are buying golf clubs for the first time or are having difficulties deciding which ones to choose, you are recommended to ask your instructor or local pro for an advice because with the right clubs, you can significantly improve your play and make the game even more enjoyable.

Where to Buy Ladies’ Golf Clubs

You can find ladies’ golf clubs at your local retailers but it is also worth considering buying them online. The online offer is typically a lot better and if you take some time for shopping around, you can also save a few pounds without giving up the quality. These make excellent presents for mum and girlfriends.

Other Pieces of Golf Equipment for Ladies

Besides golf clubs that meet your playing style, you will also need golf balls, golf bag to keep those clubs and other accessories easily available, comfortable golf shoes that match your golf clothing (the latter should also include a waterproof vest or rain-suit, especially if you are from the UK) and gloves to protect your hands and to have a better grip. There is also a number of other golf accessories that make the game more enjoyable but you can add them gradually. Just like the clubs, you can find other necessary pieces of golf equipment both online and offline.