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Ladies’ Golf Union

The Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU) is the governing body for ladies’ amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland. It was founded in 1893 with an aim to promote the sport and its interests, to help establish a uniform set of rules and handicapping, and to organise annual championships. For exactly 120 years, the LGU also deals with policy issues and runs ladies’ tournaments in Great Britain and Ireland but it also runs a number of international events for female golfers. It is based in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

The LGU Leadership

The LGU is led by the Executive Council, consisting of four representatives from the governing bodies for ladies’ golf in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and two councillors who are selected on the basis of their contribution to ladies’ golf or special skills. The Executive Council is headed by a Chairman with a three-year mandate who is aided by a President. Members of the Executive Council are also members of the Board of the LGU Championships Limited, a LGU subsidiary which takes care of operational activities. Day-to-day activities and implementation of the policies set by the Executive Council are a responsibility of the executive team of staff, directed by a CEO.

The LGU and Ladies’ Golf Championships, Matches and Events

The LGU runs the Women’s British Open, one of the most important events in ladies’ golf in the world and one of only two major championships for female golfers that are recognised by both the LPGA Tour and the LET. The LGU also organises a number of championships in Great Britain and Ireland, including the Seniors Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship, the Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship, the Ladies’ British Open Amateur Stroke Play Championship and the Girls’ British Open Amateur Championship. Also, it runs many club competitions and various golf events on the British Isles and Ireland.

The LGU and International Golf Events for Ladies

In addition to organising events mentioned above, the LGU also runs several international events, including the tree sets of matches that are played between teams of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland:

The LGU is also involved in international competitions involving teams Great Britain and Ireland:

The teams representing Great Britain and Ireland at international golf events are selected by the International Selection Panel which is headed by the International Team Captain and four selectors, each of which is appointed by the four national organisations for ladies’ golf in Britain and Ireland.