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Ladies’ Major Championships

There is no internationally recognised set of ladies’ major championships. The LPGA Tour recognises five majors of which three are played in the United States, while its European counterpart – the Ladies European Tour (LET) recognises only two majors that are played in Europe.

A List of Most Successful Female Golfers of All Times

The first decades of modern era ladies’ golf were dominated by the American golfers. As a result, the list of most successful female golfers of all times is dominated by the American players as well.

The LPGA Tour

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour dominates ladies’ golf ever since its foundation in the mid-20th century. It continues to attract the best golfers both due to its prestige and prize fund as it is currently the richest ladies’ tour.

The Ladies European Tour (LET)

The Ladies European Tour (LET) was founded only in the late 1970s when its American equivalent was already well established. For many decades, the LET unofficially recognised the dominance of the LPGA Tour by not scheduling its events at the time of the LPGA majors. In 2008, the LET organised an event during the LPGA championship for the first time in history.

Other Professional Golf Tours for Ladies

Next to the LPGA Tour and the LET, there are four other first tier tours for female golfers: the LPGA of Japan Tour, the Ladies Asian Golf Tour, the LPGA of Korea Tour and the ALPG Tour.

The Solheim Cup

The Solheim Cup was named in honour of Karsten Solheim who played an important role in the development of ladies’ equivalent to the Ryder Cup, competed by team United States vs team Europe every second year.

The Women’s World Golf Rankings

Also called the Rolex Rankings, the Women’s World Golf Rankings is a world rankings system for female golfers, similarly as the Official World Golf Rankings for male golfers. The Rankings are also used by the professional ladies’ golf tours for the selection of players for particular golf events.

Ladies’ Golf Union

The Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU) is governing ladies’ amateur golf in both Britain and Ireland since the late 19th century. It also runs the Women’s British Open and a number of both national and international golf tournaments, matches and events.

Golf Equipment for Ladies

Just like male golfers, female golf players need a variety of golf equipment too. Most female golfers choose their equipment on the basis of gender labels which, however, isn’t always the best choice, especially when it comes to clubs. Not only are many female golfers capable to successfully handle men’s golf clubs but for some, ladies’ clubs are also too short.